Consultancy – Design services


Tafuco is providing the consultancy services, designing packages for the customers totally free but still to be ensured about the quality and professionalism.

Nowadays, the package is a very important factor in building the Brand name of products, besides the role of protecting, describing and introducing the goods, the packages with attractive designing will contribute to increase the value of products as well as impacting to the purchasing decision.

Come with us, you will be totally free consulted about designing by the young, creative staffs mastered all the technical skills to create the packaging with diversified models, attractive, strange, suitable with the growing trend of the markets. Beside of that, we also orient the customer in using and choosing structures and materiasl of packaging that are proper to each type of products.

Printing Services

Sản phẩm được kiểm tra cẩn thận trước khi khắc trục

We assure that the customers will be always satisfied with our printing services because we have modern productive machines .

Nguồn nguyên liệu được nhập trực tiếp từ các nhà cung cấp uy tín

For examples, High speed -Eight colors gravure printing machines of European Technology can produce sharply printing models with standard colour tones, and at the same time can fulfill all of customers ‘needs of the large of packages in the shortest time.

Hệ thống máy in 8 màu tốc độ cao

Serving Solventless Dry Laminating Machine – Slitting machines – Bag making machines make our customers pleased thanks to extremtedly accurate and excentlent quality of the above machines.

Finished products

Ghép màng – Chia cuộn – Làm túi

The solvent free laminating machines friendly to the environment imported from Italy
can speedily laminate to supply many kinds of well adhered laminating items structured by simple or complex types of raw materials.

Ghép màng: Để đảm bảo chất lượng, chúng tôi đã đầu tư hệ thống máy ghép khô không dung môi – một công nghệ hiện đại mới nhập khẩu từ Italia với tốc độ ghép cực nhanh, độ bám dính tốt, thực hiện được các cấu trúc từ đơn giản đến phức tạp giữa các loại chất liệu, có thể ghép nhiều lớp và nhiều chất liệu khác nhau mà không cần sử dụng dung môi độc hại, không gây ảnh hưởng đến môi trường xung quanh.

Soventless Dry Laminating machines

All Soventless Dry laminating machines are imported from most reputation distributors and EUROPE manufacturers.

Package Rolls:

High Speed and Accurate Slitting machines.

With a chain of high speed slitting machines automatic, accurate, we can produce smoothly winded rolls with accurate measures using for automatic filling and packing or for next processing steps.

Package bags:
Our bag- making machines can seal many different models of bags such as: 3 sides- sealing bags, center sealing bags, 4 sides –sealing bags, standup pouches with and without zipper , die-cut sealing bags and Cut-sealing bags , etc…

All machines automatic controlled can print on various kinds of films substrate as OPP , PET , PA , LLDPE, etc ….

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